Assist & Support

Assistance and Support

The LEA-SA is offering Assistance and Support to all who have an interest in Christian value based education.

LEA-SA focusses on three elements which include to


Educators as well as Parents in giving their children a Christian foundation as early as possible.

What do we mean by Lead?

LEA-SA is leading by being the voice which encourages and calls educators and parents to take the lead in teaching the children which are their responsibility and in their care, about the values and principles of a Christian, faith based life.

What do we mean by Equip?

LEA-SA has a vision of equipping educators and teachers with training, workshops and access to material which can be useful in their teaching, training and parenting environment.

What do we mean by Affirm?

Christians who want to live their faith in a world where secular teaching and influences from “outside”, including media, by following a spiritual path as proclaimed by the Bible, is often complicated. LEA-SA, is networking a community of believers who can affirm each other’s faith and can assist each other with positive and creative ideas.

The LEA-SA Association is offering leadership opportunities in conferences and workshops